Energy Consumption

The Clothing industry is an industry with an agenda, 10 years ago we would have had a problem looking in the highstreet for size 18 clothing, but these days the industry has moved into the more modern side of things, It's a shame they don't do the same for their carbon footprint.


The clothing industry scores extremely high on the amount of chemicals, energy and recources consumed on a daily basis. Not only that but the effects some of these textile factories have on workers from around the world are very noticable. Now is the time for companies to sort out and reduce their carbon footprint, we might even be too late.


From shoe manufacturers to clothes manufacturers, the whole field is a goldmine. With billions being made all the time from high priced products and low paid workers, the clothing industry is one that can definitely afford to decrease their energy consumption. We are currently facing a global crisis and greed is a main factor in this. Companies don't want to lower their profit, especially in the current climate but there must be something that can be done. At the rate we are going we will be underwater in the next 50 years.


I think that it is unfair to put all the pressure on the developing countries, we had our chance to move through our industrial period, and have advanced through that, now WE have to reduce our carbon, not the other countries going through what we have already experienced. We already have new taxes on recycling and other means to help the enviroment, but the corperate side is where we can make the real change. I like to support companies that show that they are striding to improve their service and there are definitely several out there. Jingleball hall is a good one to note, they like to use companies that are known for decreasing their energy consumption, like Seasalt Clothing. Lets hope that more people can follow suit.


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