Running a B&B, Good Idea?

Starting your own business can be a daunting time, you have to put alot of money into launching a business, and to see it fail would be like watching your child get crushed under a truck. Now, what markets are a good one to break into? You're probably under the impression that most of the markets are oversaturated, but you would be wrong. Every company is different, having too many companies does give you a lot of choice yes, but in the end, each on is different from the other.


Take the bed and breakfast industry, why do we need to have the bed and breakfast industry when we have a perfectly good system of hotels? Hotels are everywhere so why would we need B&Bs? Well, the answer to that would be exactly what I mentioned just then. People like different experiences, some people like to stay in a hotel, others like to stay in a B&B, its all about how you look at it.


The Carew Arms for instance is a very successful little establishment, they've been providing accommodation in Somerset for many many years, they have a historic building and the staff are all very friendly. The experience you will have in the Carew Arms will differ drastically from what you will get in an ordinary hotel. Hotels are very clinical places and have a very sterile feeling.


So if your thinking of opening something along these lines, then why not? You can carve your own niche into the industry, don't worry about oversaturation.

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