Automated Vs Manual

So your looking at doing some garden work before the summer. You want yout garden to be a luxury retreat where you can get home from work and really have a nice and relaxing time. So how do you go about doing it? What is the cheapest option?


Well, there are several aspects to look at when thinking about doing something like this. First there is the option of hiring somebody else to do if for you, perhaps you have a friend who would know what they are doing in the garden, or perhaps you want to just use a lawn maintenence company. Either way, this is the lazy mans route you need to go and get some tools and get stuck in!


If you are of the lazy persuasion, or even if you just dont have the time to compete the work, why not go and and look at some tools for the job. If you want to save time, you'll be looking at buying the tools that have a motor in them, shearing the hedges manually and using a push-a-long mower is going to take more time than you are likely to have. Of course, these machines can be expensive, but over the longterm the price will totally be worth it. If you only going to do a quick once over, you may think about renting the tools instead, this could save money if you're not looking to be doing this throughout the year, but in the longterm you will be spending more overall. Your garden machinery and tools will last you a long time and through multiple houses, so rememebr to choose wisely.

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