Glamping Business Vs Camping Business

So your looking to take a camping trip, but not sure what you really want to do? Well have you looked into glamping? Glamping is the new wave camping, it basically means glamorous camping or luxury camping. Lots of companies have started up recently with all new ways to go on holiday. The one I particulally like and one of the original pioneers of luxury camping is a company called the pop-up hotel. They've been around for quite some time now and have a lot of pulling power in the luxury accommodation sector.


The pop-up hotel is a company that basically create fantastic canvas luxury accommodation. They go all over the country to various events and festivals. One of the main ones they attend is glastonbury festival. Imagine being ingulfed by a sea of £40 pound tents from Aldi whilst you sit in your clean and luxurious massive canvas tent! Alot of famous and rich people will use the tents too, which just goes to show that this is some impressive accommodation.


The prices vary for these kinds of things, you'll be looking at something more expensive than camping but cheaper than a hotel but if you are truly interested in getting into some luxury accommodation, then this might just be the company that you are looking for!

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